PV-systems for industrial and commercial rooftops are the mainstay of distributed electrical energy supply. They enable businesses to produce a proportion of their power requirement in a cost-effective and reliable way, which will bring down the cost of energy considerably.

Our Promise for the Future:

       •    More Experience, More Performance, More Reliability.

       •    NCE Technologies does what others can only promise.

       We know what our customers need and expect. To turn our experience into exceptional products, we work with strong partners in the field of roof construction to advise and contribute to our development of the best products possible.

Assessment and Design

       To maximize return on investment and eliminate costly design/build mistakes, planning is essential. We assess your energy opportunities, provide specifications and design a custom solar solution for your unique needs. We offer in-house CAD services backed by an expansive knowledge of products, engineering and innovations.

Product Procurement and Installation

       As authorized dealers for the world’s leading solar products, we leverage our knowledge and buying strength to procure the right equipment at the most competitive price. We feature in-house fabrication and customization. Our experienced, on-site teams handle everything from installation through system startup.


       Commercial installations are medium to large (several KW to a MW) deployments to supplement electricity requirements of commercial sector customers including enterprise and public sector. Similar to the residential segment, most commercial applications are roof-mounted. However, commercial roofs are less space-constrained than the residential segment. As a result, both thin-film and silicon solar technologies are being deployed in the commercial segment. Other criteria important for commercial segment deployments include material safety, flexible form factor (avoiding penetrating mounts), and ease of installation that lowers the total system cost. The commercial segment is presently the largest segment within the solar market.
       NCE Technologies modules are uniquely positioned for the commercial segment offering flexible form factor for ease of installation, non-penetrating mounts, and higher efficiency that will result in lower total system cost.


       The utility segment comprises very large installations deployed as solar farms (1MW and higher) to complement electricity requirements of large power companies and utilities. These panels are ground-mounted over large areas of remote land. Material safety and flexible form factor are less important for solar farms due to remote ground-mount deployments. Since the deployment areas are not a constraint, the efficiency requirements are typically low to medium. The utility segment is the third largest and fastest growing segment of the PV market. This segment is currently dominated by several thin-film technologies due to lower efficiency requirements and lower cost advantages combined with in-house expertise to develop, install and operate utility scale projects. To succeed in the utility market, new entrants need critical skills of planning, developing, and operating large solar plants, either in-house or via strategic partners.
       NCE Technologies modules are a natural fit to meet requirements of the utility segment. The company is uniquely positioned to develop this market solely or with external strategic partners.

Off-Grid and Other Applications

       These are typically small installations (<1KW) in rural or remote areas where grid power is unavailable to meet basic electricity needs such as powering street lights, operating small appliances, charging batteries and other similar applications. Military and consumer applications are also part of off-grid applications. This segment is relatively small and fragmented compared with other PV segments, comprising less than 5% of the total PV market.

Wise Investment for Commercial

       There has never been a better time for businesses to make the switch to solar power. State governments offer financial incentives making solar an extremely attractive investment. An investment in solar power delivers savings for 30+ years and also provides a strong hedge against rising electricity costs with the ability to budget utility expenses far into the future.
       Switching your business to renewable energy provides a strong basis for community involvement and serves as a strong marketing tool in today's environmentally conscious society.
       NCE Technologies Solar offers turnkey services including on-site assessment, installation and system monitoring. You can trust NCE Technologies to complete the job right, on time and within budget.


       Solar power is a low-risk, high-return investment with initial rates of return as high as 12%. In many cases, solar installations can pay for themselves in as little as five years and are subsidized with utility incentives.
       By switching to solar power, a business can move towards energy independence by owning the power it produces. Whether you make the switch to renewable energy now or later, you will still have to pay your electric bill tomorrow. Why not take control of your energy costs and have your energy payments go towards ownership of a valuable asset Get started on the path to energy independence.

       *Utility incentive reservations for commercial projects do are on a first come, first serve basis and are filling quickly. Contact NCE Technologies today to reserve the funds for your project and get started on the path to energy independence.